Who wants a Fokker 70 for X-Plane?

That’s the question currently asked by Joffer Simulations on Facebook. See the announcement:

“okey. so what am thinking about the Fokker 70 for xplane11. i would need to know how many are interested. if there is enough people who want it on xplane, then we will think of releasing a version for xplane11. so email us at JofferSimulations@outlook.com. if u want it, say Yes Fokker70 Xplane11”

To my knowledge, the Fokker 70 was announced only recently for Prepar3D (see this post by FSElite). So don’t expect a full commitment for the X-Plane version of this aircraft anytime soon. After some concerns were mentioned, if the announcement of an X-Plane version would even make sense at this point of time, developer Kristoffer Eriksen replied:

“yeah i understand. but am just curiouse to see how many are even interested. i havent said i should do it. but i wanted to see if there are interested in this… and i totally get you.. we are focusing on p3d. not fsx atm. so aam still on that course. and if there is a interest in xplane, we will finishe everything first. then when we are done with all for p3d.. then maybe take it to the next step.”

Sounds bollocks to me. But heck, what do I know??! Never trust some random guy on the internet! Maybe we will see a fully-fledged Fokker 70 in X-Plane 23 one day!

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As far as I know all the news sites are free. Furthermore, there are ADs on this particular one, well that okay of course, everybody wants their work to be appreciated, nevertheless, just sometimes check what you copy 

Doing a blog like this – for free – is a thankless endeavor. That said, a big Thank You, Ollie. You’re helping a bunch of people day in and day out – about making purchases, spending money, spending their free time more wisely. As for the Fokker…it’s spineless of this dev to ask this question as they have. People make a buying decision like this based on the quality of the end product, not off baseless “vapor-ware” predictions. If it’s a truly good product that fills a niche in X-plane, my guess is thousands will buy it. If it’s a… Read more »

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