Why does it always rain on… this DC-3?

JetManHuss of VSKYLABS is working on version 2.5 of that lovely DC-3 of his. This next update will also feature a rain effect on the windshield, a feature I was really missing thus far. A preview video of this effect is available here. See the announcement that accompanied the original announcement of that video:

“Here is a short ** UNDER DEVELOPMENT ** video, showing a test of the rain-effect that will be featured in the upcoming VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 Flying Lab Project v2.5. It is not a high-tech dripping animation effect. It it much simpler, yet very convincing and effective. The update to v2.5 is expected to be released during October 2017.

More information can be found at the project page at: http://www.vskylabs.com/…/the-vskylabs-douglas-dc-3-project…

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Such a great plane! Any new feature will just make the plane better. I thought it was pretty well rounded in the current version so I’m looking forward to what’s next.


Great bird! and now you can get a lot of liveries for it!

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