These news totally hit me by surprise. X-Aviation just released LGSK Skiathos for X-Plane 11. See the full release announcement and feature set:

“Aviotek Simulation Software and X-Aviation are excited to bring you a spectacularly modeled, well optimized airport for X-Plane 11! This package also includes a fully custom hand-edited mesh which covers the whole island.

Highlighted Features
  • UHD custom airport ground textures (5cm/pixel) 
  • UHD custom terminals and airport buildings 
  • High quality 3D People, vehicles, boats and trees 
  • Animated boats, vehicles and objects 
  • Realistic rendition of light sources on all 3D objects and ground 
  • HD orthophoto of Skiathos Island 
  • 3D custom city buildings”

LGSK Skiathos is available now for $17.95 exclusively at X-Aviation.

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I was in Skiathos a few weeks ago. What an Island. But what i dont like about the scenery is the 02 Part of it. Why has to be a big fence there? There isnt on in reallife an it kinda “destroys” the Feeling when watching the replay


Another great product