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This is terrific news. Following his debut release of KSEZ Sedona, developer X-Codr recently announced that KTEX Telluride Regional Airport is his next airport currently in the making. See the full announcement:

“Hi Everybody, After a very successful release of my last project Sedona UHD I’m proud to announce my next project, Telluride Regional Airport! Telluride Regional Airport is located in the south west corner of Colorado, and is unique in being the highest commercial airport in the United States at an altitude of 9,070 feet above sea level. This scenery will also be payware, and it will be even higher quality than Sedona. It will also feature a custom model of the nearby ski resort Mountain Village. Some of its features are:

  • High resolution buildings

  • Realistic, high resolution ground textures

  • Implementation of PBR normal maps to create a convincing, realistic environment

  • Custom rendition of nearby Mountain Village ski resort

  • Automatic switching between winter and summer versions

  • Realistic weather effects such as puddles

  • Custom mesh using Ortho4xp *

  • Highly detailed, accurate, realistic, scenery for Telluride Regional Airport

  • Highly detailed, accurate, realistic, rendition of nearby Ski Resort, with animated gondolas

* The mesh is still under development, none of the screenshots here show it. The patch will be included if you want to create your own mesh, but if you choose to create your own mesh, you will not get the winter ground textures.

Release date: No idea, I hope to be releasing some time in the first few months of 2018 though, but no guarantees.”

You may also want to see this official preview video on YouTube. Anyway, great news. I liked Sedona and I am confident this will be another no-brainer! 

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Looks like another nice scenery from this developer.

Ollie, I am so glad you have decided not to close this site. I really enjoy your content.  Your site is one of the best for X-Plane news!