X-CRAFTS E-Jets updated to v2.2

… and here is the changelog:

  • “Completely new 3D Sound System introduced using FMOD – based on real ERJ sounds recorded from a real Embraer ERJ, inside and out, on a flight line by our professional ground support expert, Todd Fleck.
  • Added New Tekton FMS functionality: Thrust Rating Selection (TRS). This will give pilots the ability to hold a fixed N1 percentage provided that the thrust levers have been sufficiently advanced. This is especially useful when using FLCH to control altitude changes. De-rating thrust is a normal part of airline operations to provide fuel economy and reduce wear on engines. (More information on the proper use of TRS will be provided in our support forum).
  • Replaces LBS/KG units selection on PERF 1. Moved LBS/KG units selection to PERF 3.
  • Updated SASL to version 2.5.0. This will preclude any further need to install Microsoft Visual C Redistributables in order to use the menu system to control X-Crafts provided ground support equipment, pushback capability and in-flight checklist functions.
  • Adjusted the keyframing of the N1 indicators to correctly display N1 values – matching the dataref value accurately.
  • Several minor fixes to the 3D model
  • Flight model fine tuned”

As usual, head over to your customer account at x-plane.org to receive the update!


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