Just made myself a frozen pizza and wanted to get ready for a quick flight when I got a reminder that beta 4 of X-Plane 11.10 is out. See the release notes:

Beta 4:

  • Added new dataref “sim/weapons/armed”, applicable for non-spawning weapons like missiles and bombs. If set to 1 (default), the weapon is considered “armed”, i.e. it will explode on impact. If set to 0, it is considered “safe” and will neither explode nor create damage on impact. This is independent of any “master arm” aircraft setting! It can e.g. be used to render weapons “harmless” for selective jettison.
  • XPD-8355 We now tune your OBS to the ILS/localizer’s inbound course when you tune its NAV freq.
  • XPD-8357 Flight path now gets drawn above airways for better usability.
  • XPD-8365; XPD-8368; XPD-8373 Opting XPWidgets *out* of the new window features (no scaling for you!).
  • XPD-8366 Revised .joy file re-displays two Warthog Throttle buttons that should not have been hidden.
  • XPD-8374 Fixed null pointer UBO usage when accessing failures menu.
  • XPD-8383 Trim-deflection no longer crashing planes that have erroneous vso of 0 entered.
  • XPD-8386 Fix for not restoring windowed sims on secondary monitors to the same position at startup.

As usual, don’t opt for the beta if you can’t deal with a broken sim.

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Has anyone tried the PMDG DC-6 with this beta? I tried it with beta 3 and it loaded like an AI aircraft with nothing working. Works when you revert back to 11.05 though. Would hate it if I lost one of my planes due to the update, but that g1000 172 is super exciting.


I love the G1000!