That was quick. Only 24 hours following the release of 11.10 Public Beta 1, Beta 2 is now available. See Ben Supnik’s announcement:

“If you have 11.10 beta 1, you’ll be auto-notified to update.  (If you’re locked out, e.g. for users on Linux who didn’t have libc++, use the installer and check “Get Betas”). See the release notes for bugs fixed in this beta.

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs!  If your bug is not yet fixed, don’t panic – we cut b2 quick to fix the pile of “OGL_ubo_is_valid(s_environment_ubo)” crashes. If you have one of these in b2 please re-report it (and auto-report it!)”

And again, bear in mind this is an early beta release of a major update. Expect things to break. Don’t opt for the beta if you just want to fly without doing any beta testing. However, if you try the beta, don’t forget to submit your bug reports back to Laminar here. Thanks to Daniel for the tip-off!