x-plane.org Data Breach Update

By now probably everybody is aware of the data breach that happened yesterday at x-plane.org (see the original post here in case you missed it). We do have more information now which I believe will be of interest for most X-Plane fans. Nicolas of x-plane.org confirmed that “some passwords have indeed been exposed via a hack and posted on a list”. He also added that “only a minority of accounts are concerned, yet everyone should change their password” and that both, username and passwords, were exposed (no email addresses, though).

The matter is still under investigation. However, at least we also got the confirmation that the x-plane.org store has NOT been affected (“Different servers, different software, different server location, different ISPs”). That’s a good thing for sure. It still troubles me to see something like this happen, though. What are your thoughts on this?

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Cullen Chandler

The response from the org has been extremely poor. I still have yet to receive an email from them informing me about this issue. I got an email from ProjectFly telling me that my org account may have been compromised, but not a single thing from the org itself. Pretty absurd in my opinion. 


Well, their answer has always been very poor, be that on the forums or the store. Time they replaced the admin.

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