X-Plane 11.10 finally brings back that weapon system Laminar basically broke with the advent of X-Plane 11! To my knowledge X-Trident is the first developer to release an X-Plane 11.10 update, bringing back the weapon functionality of their Panavia Tornado. See the full announcement:

“We are finally ready with the full official release of our Tornado for x-plane 11.10. This is a major step for us because this release enables again the use of custom weapons (that was lost, till now, with XP11). We have been working with Laminar for a few months to make sure all of our use cases would be supported (thanks a lot Jörg and Ben for the support and to phobos256 for the extensive tests).

Short release note:

New features:

  • Weapons now fully supported
  • Custom view “track weapons” that includes custom weapons’ sound effects
  • Aircraft does not bounce after a crash landing
  • GBU bombs with laser guidance
  • Tiled maps

Bug fixing:

  • XSE (custom sound engine) no longer hangs x-plane on exit
  • “Heading bug” on the HSI now correcly tracks magnetic heading”

X-Trident’s Panavia Tornado is available for just $38.95 at the x-plane.org store here.