Amazing news today, that makes my day!

After a lot of waiting and a big work of the developers, Xenviro 1.08 is available!
I have not found at this time the release note, note that this new version is available on the Xenviro’s website for now.

I put you below a message from MDavidov (test team) posted on the forum (link) :


“A couple of quick comments.

1)  I was on the test team through 59 different test versions of xEnviro 1.08 and although I (and the team) did experience various bugs and artifacts, this product would never have been released with some of the individual issues reported here if we and Andrey had experienced them on our own systems, which are mostly higher end, but not all.  Please read the requirements before just adding 1.08 to a loaded system with dozens of (possibly) incompatible plugins.  There is no way we can possibly test every conceivable combination of add-ons used by thousands of xEnviro users.

2)  There is a warning that 1.08 does not work well with other scenery modification plugins and software that attempt to change colors, clouds, etc. 

3)  Going away from the frustrating “layer stacking” system in XP11 to “volumetric” clouds to fix the haze line and passing cloud effects has increased the CPU/GPU load slightly which will be further optimized later but which will require reducing some settings on most computers including mine (see specs below.)  Most systems have few if any problems outside of those known and listed in the notes.  I don’t know of any system that can run with all sliders slammed, so judicious adjustments are required.  Experiment a bit.

4)  Please note the existing known bugs and the problems with zooming and the use of external camera views.  Camera views are designed to be used with XP11 layers and we need to develop a work-around (again) for overriding that system when using external zoom views.

5)  Finally, although it is good to compare notes on issues, unless it is a commonly reported problem, your problems are likely related only to your system and not thousands of other systems.  Please submit your issues to the web site so we can deal with them on an individual basis and also collect common issues for fixes.  We need a lot of information that is never submitted here which we need to analyze.  Always include your xEnviroLog.txt and log.txt files with your ticket and any screen shots that may help us see and understand the problem.  In many cases there are simple answers that do not apply to everyone.  Thanks!”

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Hello same impression for me x enviro 1.08 is null I return to x enviro 1.06


I would suggest to hold off on it for now, huge issues with rendering, for example you can’t zoom inside the cockpit.

Meanwhile devs are deleting uncomfortable posts on the forums for being off-topic, while leaving in all the equally off-topic praising. Same old.


I’m very happy with the new version. Ok, there are still some glitches in clouds but overall is much better than 1.07. Better atmosphere, working fog effects and finally we have raindrops effect! I can understand the problems related with the zoom but it’s a minor problem. Try some adjustments in settings and you’ll find the best configuration.


Guys, XEnviro 1.09 is out now!!!! Check the site for download!
Changelog ( store):
Version 1.09 (April 17th 2018)

### Added
– Cloud shadows
– Checkbox to display crepuscular rays
– Crepuscular rays

### Changed
– Blending for overcast layer adjusted to avoid early terrain clipping

### Removed
– Cloud shadows distance slider removed